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Post from 9/24 & Today - A Week of Adventures

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Me and Sister Hargrove.
Happy 5 months on the mission!
Hello all! What a wonderful week it has been. To start off, today is my 5 month anniversary woo! It's weird how time is going by now. I am loving my mission and know that this was a part of my life's plan. I am so glad that I got my packages last week because the day afterwards, the postal system went on strike! But all is well now. In the same week we had a water outage for 2 days because of all the construction in the area. What a week! It also rained every single day this past week except for Saturday which was perfect because we finally had Keise's baptism! She had gotten sick last week which is why she didn't show but all is well and it was a beautiful baptism and a beautiful day. 
Keise's Baptism and neighbors that helped
make it happen -
Debora, Robson, and baby Yasmin
She is so strong in the gospel already and an example to me. She has been taught for a year now and finally decided to make covenants and take the first steps to returning back to our Heavenly Father, through baptism! It was great. Also, this past Tuesday started the 100 day count down to Christmas! That means I get to Skype my family soon! We thought it would be fun to count down to that. And then today, the greatest thing of all, Sister Meireles and I went to the São Paulo Temple with our zone and a few other zones. In total there were about 50 missionaries there and it was amazing. It has been so long I was craving a day at the temple and it finally came. It was perfect. It rained today too but we were all so happy to just be in the Lord's house it didn't matter what the weather was like. I was full of peace and joy and love sitting there looking around and feeling the power in the room full of missionaries. We met a returned sister missionary at the temple who just got home yesterday. She was so sad and missed her mission like crazy she couldn't stop crying as she was talking to all of us. She told us to not waste a minute of our missions because it goes by fast and to just enjoy it and work hard.

Sister Hargrove, Sister Marino,
Sister Meireles and me
She was glowing though, through the tears, and I could see that her mission really changed her. It changed her outlook on life, how she treats people, and most importantly her relationship with God. I was thinking about my own relationship with my Father in Heaven today and throughout this whole week and it's interesting to think about. It is so important to submit to his will. He knows all things and I am grateful for the trials I've had in my life because I've learned and grown from them. It's not easy, but I was thinking about how we need to accept any trials that come our way because He knows that we can handle it and challenge is a test of our own Faith. Also, it is importante to change and grow always. I heard a quote from a friend before my mission and it has become so true during my time here. "There is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growing zone." I love it and it's true for all of us! I love you all and love this gospel. I know that this church is true and am so grateful that I get to continue to be part of this work.

Sister Cox

Monday, September 30, 2013
Family Home Evening with the Dantas Family
Another cold rainy week here in Utinga! This will be a short one because a picture (or pictures) is worth a thousand words. Before my mission, I was always told that sometimes at the spiritual peak of a lesson, something will happen, you'll lose the person's attention, the spirit of the lesson will be gone, something...and this week I learned all about that. In one lesson we were teaching, I suddenly felt something really wet on the couch. I didn't know what it was and didn't want to lose focus so I kinda just sat there until the end. When I got up, I noticed that a juice box was open and that's what spilled. There was a huge wet spot on my light pink skirt. How embarrassing! We left as quickly as possible. I was just glad it was nighttime haha.

Second incident, we were teaching another lesson about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and The Book of Mormon. It was a couple with a young daughter...who was potty training...Everyone was engaged, they were asking questions, it was great and bam!! The toddler wets her pants and a nice puddle forms under her haha I tried so hard not to laugh. It was hard for everyone to regain focus again because 2 seconds later she got a drink of water in a glass cup and dropped it. It shattered everywhere. And so we closed quickly after that. Just some funny examples of normal things that happen on the mission.
On a different note, this week has been really hard for Sister Meireles. This whole transfer she has been feeling weak and dizzy but she said it was normal for her so we kept working. Well this week it got really bad and she couldn't work very much so we were told to go to the hospital to get it checked out. She has a history of diabetes in her family and so we went first on Wednesday and then again on Thursday to get blood work done, again on Friday and then we spent all morning today (Monday) there to do more blood tests. Poor girl. I wouldn't be able to do all that without my mom but she was a champ. No results yet, but I'm playing nurse to make sure she doesn't pass out. Stay tuned and keep her in your prayers that she will get an answer of what is wrong.

6 of us missionaries and 5 of our students (the fluent ones)
This week, when we could work, we have been telling everyone the great news of General Conference coming! Woo hoo! I am so excited for another chance to hear from our prophet Thomas S. Monson. We are trying to tell everyone to come and bring friends because it will be so good. We're encouraging everyone to spiritually prepare and come with questions because I know they will be answered. I watched the General Relief Society Conference last night but had to watch it in Portuguese because they forgot about the one American Sister and the other Sister from New Zealand, Sister Robinson. But that's okay, I understood more than I thought I would. This weekend they will have all of the sessions for the American missionaries in English. What a blessing!
Last funny thing of the week. We were eating lunch at a member's home as usual and there was a pot full of what I thought was chicken. So I went to get a piece and instead got a nice chicken foot. I almost screamed because it just surprised me and then everyone had a good laugh about it. I don't like chicken feet and no I did not eat one. Transfer calls are on Sunday! I'm excited and hopeful for a change. I'll update you all next week. Love you all and enjoy General Conference! For all of my friends and family who don't know about conference, you can watch it live Saturday and Sunday at and find out! :)
Sister Cox
"so much for the short blog. Oh well. enjoy!"

There were horses just hangin' out in the park Saturday night...random

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