Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazing Week...have I said that already?

This week was amazing! My new companion is Sister Loisotto from Argentina. She's 19 and awesome. She makes training easy because she is so humble and ready to learn and WORK. She's great. She speaks Portunhol which makes things a little complicated...I'm hating myself for not being fluent in Spanish already haha!!  But that's ok because she needs to learn Portuguese anyway.

This week we had some great lessons and Antônio is preparing to get baptized! He thanked us so much this week for giving him a second chance for a new life and I almost cried. He is great. He has some difficulty walking and talking because of AVC...Accidente Vascular Cerebre but he is  such a sweet elderly man.

On a sad note, Sister Meireles called me on Friday to tell me she was going home. I was so sad. And obviously she was sad too. President thought it would be better for her to go home to figure out what is going on with her, so she left on Saturday :( I miss her already so please continue praying for her to adjust back to "normal life" again and to figure out what's going on with her health.

Que mais? Oh! October 15th is a special day in my family. Happy 2nd Anniversary to the coolest couple at home, my brother and sister-in-law, Frank and Jenelle, and Happy 25th Birthday to Nina! I love you guys, have a great one!

Not much more to update - we have LOTS of work to do this transfer and lots of people to visit. This weekend was Stake Conference and what was the theme? Missionary work!! - Share the gospel with everyone you know. You never know who is ready to hear and accept it!
 The stouts were our senior couple in the mission and we had to say bye to them this past week at transfer meeting it was so sad! Even though we're all smiles here

It was a great weekend and then we had lunch with the Bishop on Sunday. Arroz, feijão, salad and beteraba! I love beets now. Never thought I'd say that. I love you all!

Ednei, Irmã Cida and me in between sessions of General Conference last Sunday

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