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Half-Way Mark (1/24/14) + Summer in Brazil

Blog Post - January 27, 2014 - Half-Way Mark!

It was a sad week in the life of Sister Cox...I hit Nine (9) Months! ...just kidding. It was a GREAT week. But I had time to think WOW...I still have so much work to do, so much to improve personally that it's great I still have time. Whew! But it was a fun milestone to reach. You know you've been on your mission for a while when your white clothes start to turn yellow and your black shirts turn grey. Happy 9 months to meee!

In other news, I spoke in church again yesterday, third time on the mission and I used the same talk from Utinga about our personal obedience and how when we obey the commandments of God we will be blessed with the spirit which will then helps us to help other people! It's a beautiful circle. 

So you all know how Selma was baptized last week? The mom of 4 kids? Well her daughter Luana got baptized yesterday!!! She's 16, beautiful, smart, and wants to serve a mission like us but in Japan. It was the best baptism! She's great.
This week was incredibly HOT so I did something I never thought I'd do...I walked out in the sun with an umbrella. I've only seen old ladies here do this was necessary. I don't want skin cancer and the sun is sooo strong! Anyway, that's all for today. I love you all and want some letters!!
For any of you who are too busy to write a letter :), just email me at: and my real address is:
Sister Alyssa Cox
Rua Dr. Luiz da Rocha Miranda, 159
8 Andar parque Jabaquara
São Paulo, SP Brazil 04344-010

Blog Post - February 3, 2014 - Summer in Brazil

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?! How was the Superbowl and Groundhog Day? I hope all is well with everyone :) This week has been ridiculously hot!! It reached about 40 degrees C which I don't know what that is in Farenheit. I'd like someone to get back to me with that. But it was a good week. We're seeing small miracles every single day aside from all the normal challenges of being a missionary. This stuff is hard work!

Sisters I Live with-Hoyo, Moura, Goncalvez and Me

Due to the ridiculous heat of Brazil we have a new study schedule. We have to leave the house at 9am instead of noon and then we work 'til noon, eat lunch with the members, go home to study after lunch to skip the hottest part of the day because 1) we were burning up and 2) no one is on the street at that time. It's weird but I'm liking the change.

So last Monday night we had a Family night with Selma and Luana at their house on obedience. There was a pile of commandments mixed in with things we shouldn't do and each person had to pick one and then decide if that action would help them draw closer to God or not. On the floor we put tape in this shape "<" ...less than sign, and each person took a step. One side was the path to God and the other was Satan's path. Depending on your card is where you'd step. In the end you have to choose who you'll follow because no one can follow both beings. It was a really cool and fun way to see how we're blessed by keeping the commandments!

On a super fun note Sister Moura and I went to Outback Steakhouse on Saturday with a member; our lovely Irmã Vera who always helps us out with rides home at night since our apartment contract is giving us problems and we still live 45 away from where we work. We love her!!!  But anyway, it was so weird to be in an American restaurant speaking Portuguese. That was a first. It was a good time though!

Another fun day was a division we did this week. I got to go back to Utinga! I stayed there for the day with Sister Laura from Bolivia and we worked there while Sister Loisotto my last companion came here with Sister Moura. It was a fun switch and as always it's nice to go to an area I know really well. The work is going forth and God is so good to us! We're happy that we are finding people to teach and help them feel the healing powers of Christ's Atonement. Well that's all for this week I love you all!

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