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Baptisms and Birthdays...

Blog Post - January 20, 2014
Title: Chuva e Bobagem 

This week was crazy with all the rain we got!! And it's not like it rains in the morning when we're studying or at night when we're at always starts in between 2-5, right when we're leaving lunch to go out and work. I've been wet every single day. But we have sun today so my shoes get to dry out :)
We had a miracle baptism yesterday! Selma got baptized! President and Sister Tanner came
and it was awesome. She has a big family and is the first to get baptized. We sang Families Can Be Together Forever to her with Sister Tanner playing piano and she just bawled. She said she felt so clean and light and then everything has been left in the past, which is exactly the purpose of this gospel! I absolutley love this work. Being Sister Training Leader is extremely hard still as we are still leaders over 12 other sisters but it's good and I know the Lord qualifies the called. His hand is in every aspect of this work and my thankful journal is helping me recognize that.
We did a week-long division with some other sisters this week, Sister Keegan from New Mexico and Sister Dias from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I stayed in my area, Jordanópolis with S. Keegan Weds-Sat and it was great. She has 3 weeks in the field so just barely started her mission and is so sweet. We found Oeos this week in a supermarket! They JUST got to Brazil and I'm pretty excited about it. Some weird things I ate these past 2 weeks: fried sardines with rice and mashed potatoes and then last night...cow heart. Not a fan. Will not repeat. I thought it was just steak! But it did not taste like it. Well now I know.
So those of you who know me well know that sometimes I do silly/forgetful things. My Dad always says that I have blonde offense to all my blonde loved ones! Anyway, this week I was extremely blonde and I'm blaming it on all the rain.
  1. We had to defrost our freezer because it was just frozen over and full of ice. When it all melted I cleaned it out with a sponge then we left for the day to work. When we got home the other 2 sisters we live with asked us if we knew where the sponge was...whoops. Left it in the freezer and didn't even notice.
  2. Somehow my companion broke our microwave this week JUST when I was about to make some apple and cinnamon tea. I had my mug full of water and was just about to heat it up when we noticed it wasn't working. SO I just sat back down, finished writing letters thinking oh well, I guess I won't drink tea today then. My smart companion put the water in a pot to heat on the stove...why didn't I think of that?! Haha.
  3. And the last one...a little background info is that not all missionary homes have all sorts of cooking tools, my other area I always made grilled cheese in this small pan on the stove. Normal. But when I got to this house (we still haven't moved to our new apartment yet by the way) I noticed there were no pans, just pots. So. I made a ham and cheese melt in a pot. No big. Until...I was already eating and looked up/remembered that we have a sandwich maker...which I use almost every day to make toast. What is wrong with me? Haha!! So that was my crazy week.
Aside from all the rain, we have gotten really good at teaching right on the street. It's my favorite. Not everyone will let us in so when we talk to people on the street, we just start getting to know them and slip in gospel principles and before you know it we're teaching on the street. It's pretty cool. I like it!
I love you all and would love some LETTERS!!!!!
Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Cox

Blog Post - January 13, 2014

Not too much to update on this week. things are still crazy around here but...WE FOUND A HOUSE! Ok really it's an apartment but it's so nice and spacious and clean and perfect and actually in our area. Só alegria. My companion continues to be amazing and teach me new things every day. We went on 2 divisions this week so I left my area twice to work with other sisters.
We had a baptism yesterday of Élida and it was the most spiritual and emotional baptism ever. She's wanted to get baptized for a while now to follow Jesus Christ and to thank Him for all He's done for her. She is so sweet!! She is just full of love. After her baptism she bore her testimony that she knows she's in the right place and finally found the peace she's been looking for. She recently discovered she has a tumor in her brain and has to get surgery this week. She said she knows the surgery will go well and hopes it does so that she can return to her new family at church. It was the cutest thing ever. She said she had never felt more like a daughter of God than Sunday. Please keep her in your prayers that everything goes well.  It was a happy day! Have I mentioned I love this job?

That's about all. We have 2 more divisions this week but one will be for 4 days. I'll be with Sister Keegan from New Mexico all week but fortunately I'll stay in my area :)

Shout out to my best friend Janelle who turns 22 on Friday!!!! Sorry I can't be there, but next year, we'll party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE BUG! Wishing you all the happiness in the world and I'll be thinking of you! Love you all!

Sister Cox

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  1. Sister Cox- great work on reaching another soul:) Hermana Elida is so blessed to have such a wonderful sister missionary to teach her-She is in my prayers. You are a wonderful example of the strength and peace we receive while in service of the Lord. He knows you and loves you Sister Cox. I have a testimony of the personal relationship we can have with our Savior and Heavenly Father and you are living proof.
    Your testimony and joyful spirit are an inspiration to us all-
    keep up the great work Sister.
    Love from PA.
    Sister Lynch