Thursday, February 13, 2014

Transfer Week...

Thank you Morrisville ward for the Christmas packages which I just got this week. I really appreciated it and I love you all!!

Well I don't exactly have an exciting transfer story this time but we're excited. Sister Moura and I are both staying and continuing as STL here in Jordan├│polis!  We're also hearing that this week we should be getting the keys to our apartment...pray for us! We hope all goes well. 
Sisters Moura, Canas and Benitez
Rehydrating with Coconut Water
So this week was the week that all the Americans in the mission got sick. Womp! We just can't take the heat! I thought it was just me and I thought I had food poisoning but we made a few calls I found out that it wasn't just me and that a bunch of us were getting sick and not able to work. That was my life last Monday til Weds. On Tuesday we had Leadership Council with President and Sister Tanner and it was great. The message was: Invite everyone to go to church! No one will be able to understand the gospel without going to church. It was really spiritual to understand really why we go. There are tons of reasons. Sometimes we get in the habit of going because it's what we do, but when we think of how on the 7th day God rested and we keep this day holy, it will have so much more meaning. Sunday isn't a day to go to the beach, parties, to the mall or the movies. It's a sacred day meant to worship the Lord and give thanks for all that He has given us. I am so grateful for this day! It was a great meeting. 

On Wednesday I did a division with Sister Ca├▒as again, from Chile. She's so wonderful. Just so sweet and ready to learn and work. I love this job! 

I had another really cool spiritual experience this week. About a month ago I was in Sister Dias' area. We were contacting on the street and I saw a man sitting on a bench in a park just hanging out like most Brazilians do. We walked up to him, introduced ourselves, asked him about his religious background, invited him to church, and marked a time where she could go back (since he doesn't live in my area, I couldn't teach him) SO...On Friday, Sister Dias called to tell us that Carlos was getting baptized the next day and I was stoked! She and her companion had been working with him all this time and he had been going to church and loving it. They invited us to the baptism since I was with her when we first met him. President let us go and it was amazing. Ahh I love baptisms. He cried in the baptismal font and hugged the man that baptized him for a good minute afterwards. It was beautiful. That's about all for this week.
Love you all and keep writing!

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