Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Labor Day!
Me and Sister Meireles
So it's been a pretty crazy week since transfers. I got to stay and my new companion is Sister Meireles. She's Brazilian but she's fluent in English because she lived in Utah for 2 years which is nice. We had some challenges this week just getting organized because I've only been here for 1 transfer (6 weeks) and now have to relay all the information to her but I don't even know everything yet! But she is so great and patient and wonderful. She reminds me a lot of Nina (my cousin for those of you who don't know her). She is also so tiny which adds to the similarities. Now we just have to find our rhythm teaching together. Transfers are great but it's all new again working with different companion but as we get to know each other everything falls into place. We have been getting more organized day by day and it's starting to feel normal again but we have so much work to do in this area!

We have tons of people of visit and teach and I'm so grateful that we're busy. Que bênção. We have been so busy planning that we haven't been sleeping enough and then I don't have time to write in my journal so I'm pretty far behind. This is a problem for me lol. We have 2 people preparing to get baptized in 2 weeks and so we're really excited for those. The Lord really does work miracles and keeps putting people in our path that need the gospel. I have seen it change lives already.
I got up to bear my testimony at church yesterday and it was the first time I did it in Portuguese! It went well...despite the fact that I was extremely nervous and almost passed out afterwards. But I'm fine now! haha. I feel like I don't do a good enough job explaining what I do here or the experiences I'm having or the things I'm learning but it is hard to explain. What I do know is that everything I'm learning now is shaping me into the person I want to become; more like Jesus Christ. That is all of our goal here on earth and the more I teach that to people and see the growth and change, the more it strengthens my testimony that this is the true church.
I love this gospel and love being a missionary. Sometimes we have some awkward situations...(like every day)...but I learned during my mission in Nauvoo from another Sister "People already think we're weird walking around in skirts, might as well share something cool with them." So pretty much don't worry about it and preach what you know. I feel so blessed to be here.
Found this Mural and thought it was cool!
Happy Birthday this week, Thursday, to my Wonderful Dad - here's to many many more! Love you! Til next week-

Sister Cox

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