Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amazing Happenings!!!

What a wonderful week! I think this may have been the best week of my mission thus far. We had two baptisms this week AND a wedding!

Joyce's Baptism
Joyce's Wedding
It was so fun. It has just been amazing to see these people grow and come closer to God because THEY wanted to and because THEY were ready. All in the Lord's timing! Being an instrument in God's hands to help this work along is amazing. I am so happy to be here and so blessed to have gotten my visa at the right time so I could meet these people!
First was Joyce's baptism Thursday night and then we had Paulo's baptism Sunday after church.
They were both so special. We were so busy this week and the weather was beautiful!
Yesterday at church we had a great lesson on Sacrifice and I loved this quote, "Precisamos estar prontos a sacrificar tudo para nos tornar dignos de viver na presença do Senhor." Google translate that but it was just a great reminder of the fact that Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for each of us so it's the least we can do to be obedient and keep the commandments. 

All the American Sisters in our Mission - Only 5!!
On a completely unrelated note I am in dire need of some Oreos. The first person to send some to me gets a beautifully hand-written letter from yours truly. The "oreos" here just aren't cutting it! Thank you in advance.  

Just Clownin' Around - haha!
More on the food here...I haven't had anything too strange, but I did have fried sardines and pizza with egg and peas on top. It was different but still good!
Until next week...
Love you all!
- Sister Cox  

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