Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mais Uma!

7 months...hard to believe!
We got transfer calls today and I'm staying in Utinga! Again. This will be my fourth transfer here. It's good because I already know all the members so Christmas should be good but after Christmas I think I'll need a change. Sister Loisotto is staying here too so I'll be able to finish her training. It'll be a good one.

I hit my 7 month mark yesterday woo! Kinda crazy as always. It never feels real. This week we had lots and LOTS of visits and taught a bunch which was great. Jefferson was baptized on Sunday and it was the best baptism I've seen so far. All the support from his family and from the ward was just great and really spiritual.

This week at our last meeting, I made french toast for my zone and let me tell ya' it was not a fast process with a pan that only fits one slice of bread at a time. I made two loaves...I never want french toast again. I also made syrup! (still working on my homemaking skills) None of the Brazilians knew what it was or how to use it and jokes were made that it was hot glue haha. It did kinda look like it though. All was well in the end and very tasty! 

I want to celebrate Thanksgiving soo badly! I'm not sure how yet but I want to. What's a girl gotta do to get some mac n cheese? Doesn't exist here so vamos ver o que vai acontecer. Thursday is a very important day.

Not only is it Thanksgiving but IT'S MY HALF BIRTHDAY! I celebrated last year so why stop now? What a great day!!

Eu vou terminar este blog em Português. Tudo está bem aqui. Estou feliz e eu amo este obra do Senhor! Estou MUITO animada de falar com minha familia em 4 semanas só! Eu amo vocês e aproveite seu feriado! Até mais gente.

Sister Cox  

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