Monday, December 23, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

It is finally feeling just a little bit like Christmas here on the mission! It's so diferente here and definitely not the same but Sister Loisotto and I find little things each day to get us excited for Christmas.
Work wise it has been really slow because everyone is traveling, shopping, never home, having parties, etc. BUT we are still happy and working as much as we can.
I was blessed so generously with packages from the best mom eva'!! We had to go on a little adventure to São Paulo to get them but it was fun. Thanks Mom! Enjoy the pics...
On our long trek to pick up my packages...and the citiest part of São Paulo I've seen yet. Look at that view!!
This week was a week of pancakes. I don't know why each week seems to have a diferente theme for food but it was pancakes this week. We were working with a family that hadn't been coming to church and they invited us over to teach them how to make pancakes. So I mostly made them but taught as well and they just loved the eating part. It was a good time and we shared a message on how it doesn't matter how far off the path you go, you can always come back thanks to the grace of our Savior. They are such good people and we've grown to love them a lot.

We had a Sister Conference this week with all the sister missionaries in our mission and there are 47
of us! So cool because this time last year there were only maybe 10. God is hastening His work! It was a great day and a great conference. We learned things that we need to be doing better each day like being more exactly obedient and how to teach the commandments more clearly to those who aren't familiar with them yet. After conference we went to the Botanical Garden in São Paulo with President and Sister Tanner and it was so beautiful there! All good. Enfim...I'm so happy with this season and I hope we are all truly remembering the reason for this holiday.


As we keep our focus on on Savior Jesus Christ we will all be able to feel the true spirit of Christmas. No pday this week because of Christmas so Christmas will be pday...but I probably won't be able to email or make a blog that day. 2 days until I get to see some familiar faces!! So excited. Until the 25th!
Sister Cox   

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