Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sorry for no blog last week...there wasn't too much to update on. The most exciting part of the week before last was that we got to eat at a Chinese Buffet before district meeting and it was awesome. We were on exchanges that week and all 3 of us are new so it was quite the challenge. Sister Rowbury was with us...she's from Idaho and we volunteered at the 100 year Dam Celebration! It's a big deal here.. This past week has been much better though!

I heard a talk last Sunday about trials and how to overcome them. This woman in our ward was in a tragic accident 7 years ago and she won't ever be able to walk again but I have never seen her without a smile on her face so the message to this story is come what may and love it. The Lord will always provide.

We also, for the very first time, had someone actually let us in her house to teach her! She had never heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon and it was just amazing to be able to share with her the Restoration and the things which we know to be true. We're hoping she comes to church soon! She seems really interested.

While along this journey we came across a man who owned a peacock farm! So this is me in front of that...he owns 32 birds! Not interested in learning about the church but it was fun to meet him and his birds nonetheless.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for...I know that God answers prayers. I GOT MY VISA!!!! I can't believe it! And of course the week that I finally get really excited about the work, great things are happening. Pageant starts tomorrow, we're finding people to teach, and bam! I'm going to Brazil!! Definitely not complaining, I am SO excited but it's just funny how God works. He tests our patience and sees how we endure trials, then we are always blessed in the end and I know that's true. I heard a great quote yesterday in church "Adversity is like manure. It stinks but it will help you grow." Funny but true!

I was also blessed to see 2 wonderful families from home: The Hilton's and the Bartholomews!! Just when I was getting homesick I am blessed with such sweet people. It was so good to see you all!

Another great lesson I learned this week was to be thankful for all the things we are given and to take nothing for granted. We have another woman in our ward who has cancer and is currently going through some chemo treatments which make her weak and therefore unable to attend church. What a wonderful woman, she is so sweet and loving. We were talking about Salt Lake City and the temple there because that's where she was married and she just started crying because she has such a strong desire to go back but with her current condition she can't travel. My heart just broke for her.
I reflected upon how I was just there in April and how it was so normal for me to be there since I feel like I'm always in Utah...but I will never think of it the same way again. Some people would do anything to go back and be in the house of the Lord where we can truly feel His presence and love.

We are so blessed as members of this church and I know that miracles do happen! But it is all based on our faithfulness to keeping the commandments perfectly. Thank you all for your prayers!! I am so humbled to be going to Brazil after spending some time here in Nauvoo. I hope everyone's 4th of July was fun! We had a great day of fireworks at a member's home. We got invited to 3 places and got to go to all of them! The members here are so wonderful to us. Love you all!

Sao Paulo Here I Come!!!


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