Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 4 - Only 2 Weeks more!

This is my whole District.  We'll get there eventually!!

Beautiful day in Provo

What a week! So this Friday is my one month mark. WHAT?? Crazy!! I am excited but with turning 21 next Tuesday and all the upcoming changes I feel its a lot for me to handle all at once so I'm still learning to take things as they come.
This past week has been incredible though. We had an Apostle come speak to us...Elder Russell M. Nelson! He spoke on simple yet important truths of the gospel. He talked to us about family history and how as people are converted and come unto Christ, not only are they affected but their posterity as well. The reality that because of one person, many generations are affected, blew me away. He also spoke on losing ourselves in the work in order to bring Jesus to their lives. This work is not about us, we are just the instruments in God's hands. It was so uplifting.  Missionary work is so important! I am so lucky and blessed to be a part of it.
So...Yesterday Sister Empey and I got to go to the outside world! She had to go to the chiropractor so we took a shuttle to some office in Provo and it was so weird. The MTC is a little bubble and it's all I've known for the past month so to be out here again was odd. Everyone was staring at us haha.  I felt like a real missionary!  Anyway, we get to go again tomorrow and again on Friday. My companion and I have changed so much for the better and have grown much closer. This week was a miracle and proof that God answers prayers! I am so much more patient and loving because of her and even though it was a struggle at first she's such a blessing to me and I'm lucky to have her as a companion...for multiple reasons.
But before I get too mushy, I would also like to state how grateful I am for her courage! We had a MOUSE in our room last week and she was the brave soul to chase it out. I, thank goodness, was not in the room at the time but I came up the stairs from working out and it was running right towards me... My companion was chasing behind it as she and the mouse came running out of our room. I'm the worst story teller but I hope you can visualize it. I may have screamed, ran the other way and freaked out a bit. Maybe... And then other sisters came out of their rooms thinking someone got their visa haha whoops. Good joke...funny story!

I would now like to take this time to brag about two of my best friends, Janelle and Jori. The day finally came when I received Cocoa Bean Cupcakes! That was pretty much the thing I was most looking forward to when coming to the MTC and they pulled through. They're the best. AND they even sent me my favorites - Red Velvet and Better Than Whatever... thank you so much! Also, Janelle has kept my letter count steady with the most mail haha. I love you both!

My celebrity companion before playing at Devotional
Last thing. Sunday night Sister Empey got to play her arrangement of "Called to Serve" for the entire MTC. That's about 4,000 people. She auditioned and played it at a devotional. She is incredible I can't even describe. I can't even tell her I play piano after that piece...and she wrote it! Truly talented. It makes me cry and get chills every time I think of it. I had so much fun treating her like a celebrity for the rest of the night by moving people along and saying "no photographs please". She loved it! Devotional on Sunday was by Mary Ellen Edmunds and she mainly spoke on being optimistic and how that's so important as a missionary. She was hilarious and said..."If you want to know if you're being positive think...did my friends get caller ID because of me?" just an adorable lady. She served her mission in the Philippines and she was the first sister to be there - Ever! She told us to treasure the Book of Mormon because they didn't have it in Tagalog at the time, nor did Hong Kong or Africa have it in their languages. It is such a powerful book. I thought so before, but more and more things jump out at me as I read it on my mission. It's amazing!

Well that's about it for this week. I find out where I'm going next week when I get my re-assignment and then I'm out of here in just 2 weeks! Remember to always have faith and the Lord will guide you through anything. He is our rock, our Savior, our Brother, and our friend. Love you all! Have a great week!

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