Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time is running out!

I have 8 days until I report to the Provo MTC. I found out on Saturday that my visa to Brazil will not be here in time for me to go straight to the Brazil MTC and I was sad at first, thinking I did something wrong, but quickly remembered that I can't get cupcakes sent to me in Brazil so I gotta soak this up!! ;) Anyway, these past four months have flown by but I realized how many lessons that I needed to learn before it was my time to leave. God has a plan for all of us. I've come to know this as I've seen His hand working double-time in my life lately. I know that the temple is the best place to be in times of trouble or when seeking comfort. I have now been there five times to five different temples and it truly is the house of the Lord. His presence is felt each and every time.

I am so grateful for this time I've had at home to spend with my family and for the knowledge I've gained over and over again that I have only some control of what happens in my life. I have learned to be patient and that everything happens for a reason. God does know what He's doing and we just have to put our trust in Him! He will not leave us empty-handed or lead us astray. As nervous and scared as I am, I know that I am in good hands. This is the right thing for me to be doing with my life right now and I cannot wait to get out there and teach and love and serve the people of São Paulo, Brazil!

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